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As the only one transportation and shipping consulting firm in Greece, KLIMAX has profound knowledge and experience in the area of transportation. We work with all fields related to transportation covering tourists and passengers a well as shipping of goods and logistics.
Besides, our firm can perfectly act as primary contacts for any potential investor, corporate or individual, who would like to establish themselves in the Greek market including those dynamic and unique opportunities currently available


Klimax can offer detailed studies which identify the intricacies and the legalities of operating in the Greek market.
Furthermore, our firm can identify investment opportunities and can provide investors with information, analyses and support to all stages of investment:
  • Direct representation in Greece for international firms.
  • Identification of future partners or/and investors
  • Mediate purchase of Greek firms by international entities
  • Evaluation and assessment of new or existing associates
  • Market research for products and services
  • Management of passenger transportation
  • Management of shipping of goods
  • Promotion software systems , fleet management passengers or goods
  • Passenger transportation including transportation of students
  • Organization of transportation networks
  • Tourism: tourist transportation , representation of tour operators in Greece and
Cruise liners
  • Transportation of goods by truck, ship, plane and train
  • Representatives for luxury coaches and buses
  • Market research for the Greek market
  • Consulting firm aiming at working in collaboration with firms of nations that wish to enter the Greek market


Greece, being a member of the European Union, has access to neighboring established markets or developing ones. The above mentioned fact along with its touristic interest make the country open to investments. It is worth mentioning that despite the economic crisis that Greece still remains a fertile field for investment opportunities.
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