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Talking the financial impact into serious consideration, all proposals or alternative solutions we recommend focus only on long term benefits. Only after we have analysed the data of the existing schemes and compared them with any new proposals, do we present fresh, improved procedures concerning the management of transportation fees as well as the management of salaries and even possibilities of financial support and/or funding.


Klimax works on the evaluation of all basic fields of transportation management. More specifically we deal with the personel , and their training , surveillance systems and improvement of routing as well as the organizational structures of the system and report protocol. Always aiming at the best possible results we contact the officials who are responsible for the transportation . Whether we meet with the Personel Manager or the Parents Association, our goal is to evaluate the contracts, each one separately and all of them as a whole, in order to come to the most profitable conclusion concerning their costing and pricing.


Klimax also meticulously deals with the evaluation of the functionality, efficiency and adequacy of the buses/coaches used. If necessary we work on proposals for preserving , increasing, reducing or even renewing the vehicles in use.

It is very well understood that there are a lot of issues which , when improved , result in a substantial reduction of the costing. We would like to refer namely to the rational use of the vehicles, the basic routing structure and the possibility of changing or even combining routes in order to eliminate the number of vehicles used or the travelling time.

Klimax is able to come to the presentation of the ideal relationship between costing and efficiency after exhaustively studying and analyzing the maps, the routing, the bus stops and the time. If there is special software for the improvement of the routing , we can identify and/or alternate the data concerning the routing procedure in order to get the best results.


Klimax promises to offer high guality consulting services for passenger transportation. We can achieve this because we have both the knowledge and the experience in this specific field of the transportation. Besides, we strongly believe that our clients should be totally convinced for the reliability of our services and our proposals. It is essential to point out that
  • We do not work for contractors
  • We do not sell or retail other suppliers products or services
  • We do not sell or manage transportation vehicles or other means
  • We do not work with commission for our services by transportation contractors
  • We do not overcharge or ask commission on the profit , which might easily cause confusion and serious doubts about the motives of our proposals
  • We do not offer consulting services to fields beyond our expertise.
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